Our Mission Statement: To provide the tools and opportunities for members to grow, not only in business affairs, but also as an individual.  Education and business referrals shall be the main focus of the group.
Welcome! Growing Together Through Networking
Thank you for your interest in Growing Together Through Networking (GTTN).  This group was created to build a Referral Based group that was not only based upon referrals but also growth.  GTTN is designed to take very little time away from your business, yet be an extension of your business by having other members sell you to the people they know and trust.  In today's business world, being referred to a business by a friend or colleague is more valuable than than ever before.  The phone book listing, website, or even a Google search is just not as powerful as word of mouth, especially from someone in  a networking group.  GTTN helps you build relationships with other members within the group and in return they will get to know you and can recommend you to another person they know with a need of your services and vise-versa.  Every time you receive a referral from a GTTN member; You’re a trusted person who has been recommended. The person who gave you that referral is counting on you to follow through, so do a great job so you both look good. You make money. The customer/client will be likely to recommend you to their friends, thus growing the network. GTTN is modeled to attract members.  How do we do this you ask?  Building a network of people who are looking to grow their business. Each meeting is about 90 minutes and only two times a month.  Make membership affordable.  Have the meeting run smoothly and be enjoyable. GTTN was created to offer an alternative to some other of the referral based groups out there.  We offer our members the tools and opportunities they need to help grow their business without the high cost of membership.  By holding meetings every 2 weeks, rather than weekly, you can spend time working and growing your business and getting a better return on investment with our growing group. For more information about GTTN membership, please send an email to info@gttnconnection.com.   We only allow one person per profession to join our group.
Growing Together Through Networking